Motorex Autralia sponsors many amateur and professional racers throughout the country each year.  We have many different levels of sponsorship from contingency programs with free product to discounted sponsorship pricing.  The level of sponsorship has a direct correlation to the level you are competing at and the exposure you will give to the Motorex brand.

We want a strong team of committed sponsored riders representing the brand at every level in Australian Motorcycling.

These are the requirements for submitting a resume to Motorex for consideration. Approved racers will receive notice of acceptance by email. No telephone calls please.

1. Resume Requirements 
1. Name, Address, City, State, Postal Code, telephone number, and email address.
2. Birthdate.
4. Previous year results and any from the current year.
5. Race plans for the coming year.
6. Goals for the coming year and the future.
7. List of Motorcyles you currently race.
8. List of current sponsors.
9. Statement of why you would be a positive representative to Motorex.
10. Sponsorship level you are hoping for?
11. Anticipated product the requirement for season
12. Any questions you have about the motorex brand or more information   on specific products or requirements.

All resumes must be submitted through the mail or through the email link below.
Motorex only accepts resumes that have been typed
You must submit your resume as though it is going to be printed off and you may also include pictures.
Motorex  will not return pictures and CD’s/ DVD’s sent with resumes.

Resume Address
Motorex Australia
ATTN: Racer Support
60-62 Burchill St.
Loganholme, Qld 4129

[email protected]